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Cantor Dust


For 6 instruments

Written for Voix Nouvelles (Royaumont)

Instrumentation: Bsn, Hrn, Tp, Tbn, Perc, Db
Première:    14 September 2013   Lemanic Modern Ensemble   Azis Sadikovic, conductor
Royaumont Abbaye    Asnières-sur-Oise (France)
Duration:      7’ ca.
Published by:       Stradivarius


The structure of this piece is based on one of the first mathematical processes that enables the construction of fractals, known as Cantor dust (or Cantor set). The iteration of this model produces a self-similar geometrical structure, in which the initial material becomes more and more fragmented at each passage; the white space (better said, the space obtained through subtraction) gradually increase, until just the crumbs – the dust – of the original material remains. This reduction and geometric fragmentation is translated into temporal proportions of the piece: a (temporal) segment of always same duration is repeated, but its internal organisation changes and increases at each passage. This piece was written during the “Session de Composition – Voix Nouvelles” at Royaumont Fondation.