Marco Momi


He (27) studied piano and composition with M. F. Spaventi, A. Ballista (Perugia) and Ivan Fedele (Strasbourg) and graduated both with honors.
He is also graduated in composition with full marks (Perugia) under the guide of Fabio Cifariello Ciardi. He's studied as well with Clarence Barlow, Richard Ayres and Martijn Padding (Royal Conservatoire of The Hague) Brice Pauset, Helmut Lachenmann, Joshua Fineberg and Stefano Gervasoni. He has studied orchestral conducting with Ennio Nicotra and he has conducted the Assisi Orchestra, the National Orchestra of the Moldavian Radio-Television, the Bacau Symphony Orchestra, and L'Inégal Symphony Orchestra.
From 2000 until 2006 he won the scholarships: "Rotary Prize" (2000 Perugia), "De Musica Prize" (2002-2005 Perugia), "Erasmus" (2005 Perugia), Stipendienpreis (2006 Darmstadt) and was shortlisted, finalist and prize-winner in "VIIth Youth International Music Forum" (2001 Kiev), "What's Next- Nuova Consonanza" (2003 Rome), "F. Evangelisti Competition" (2004 Rome), "R. Rodio European Competition" (2006 Bari), "IIIrd Seoul International Competition" (2005 Seoul),"Gaudeamus International Music Prize-Honourable Mention" (2006 Amsterdam). Actually he is finalist at "International Alkmaar Organcommission 2006"  
His music has been performed in several International Festivals as Nuova Consonanza (Rome 2003-2004), Polytechnic of Arts (2003 Milan), Compositori a Confronto (2004 Reggio Emilia), 14th World Saxophone Congress (2006 Ljubljana), 33rd Festival of Sacred Music (2004 Bolzen), 43° Internationalen Ferienkursen für Neue Musik (2006 Darmstadt), International Music Forum (Kyiv 2001), "Musica"-"MAMS" (2004 - 2006 Strasbourg), Music Today 2005 (2005 Seoul), Gaudeamus International Music Week (2005-2006 Amsterdam) etc...  His music is published by Nuova Stradivarius (Milano), has been broadcast on Rai-Radio3 and VPRO and recorded for Max Research.

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