Emilio Capalbo


In 1988 he graduated in Organ and Organ-Composition at the Conservatory of Cagliari; since 2000 he has been teaching Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue and Composition at the Conservatoire of Cagliari.
He has been the outright winner of the First Organ-Composition Competition “Rocco Rodio”, and he has been a finalist in the Fifth and Sixth “Rosolino Toscano” and “Giuliana Albisetti” competitions; his works have been performed at a national level.
His compositions are mainly focused on the intermingling of cultivated and popular music, with the influence of harmonic-rhythmic suggestions derived from Afro-American music, as well as the re-interpretation of traditional repertoires of Sardinia (the composer’s region of origin); the composer always keeps in mind the final audience and for this reason he is always in search for a “euphonic impact”. He has been actively involved in the field of “light music” as well; from 1990 to 1995 he was a member as well as a co-author of “Dorian Gray”, a band from Cagliari with which he recorded two albums. He also went on tour to China, Switzerland and he held several concerts many cities in Italy. Finally, he recorded a video clip which was broadcast on Videomusic channel and RAI

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