Darija Andovska


Darija Andovska’s Calypso for flute, vibraphone, piano and bass clarinet (2003), is dedicated to the Icarus Ensemble. The talent of this composer who is well-known in her homeland of Macedonia is readily apparent right from the mysterious opening of the piece with ostinato phrases from the vibraphone creating a bed of sound over which the flute hovers as it produces long, drawn-out notes and harmonics. The score also calls for the pianist to recite a text in a low voice free of intonation to the point of being flat. The piano has the part in which there is the most going on and the other instruments seem to circle round it, creating haloes of ethereally fleeting sounds, all of which softens the impact the piano might otherwise have. Instrumental devices such as sliding notes and indeterminately floating rhythms help reinforce the sensation of something that is there yet is not. The whole composition is charmingly enigmatic and seduces rather than dictates to make its point.

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